Ok, so I thought I had made my final baby-related object before her arrival... but turns out I was wrong!

After meeting with a friend (and brand new mum) last week, she mentioned how handy these breastfeeding pillows are. I had seen them before, but figured I would just make do with standard pillows. However, after watching her breastfeed her little one, I could see how well they worked and decided I wanted one too. I automatically just thought I'd buy one, but while lying awake in bed one night (quite a common occurrence these days!) the thought hit me to just make one. "Hmmm, but I wonder if it would be cheaper and less hassle to just buy one though?" I thought to myself. So I set off on a mission to see if I could find one I liked and researched the prices. I was surprised to discover that there weren't a lot of options and the most inexpensive version I could find was $30... and in a hideous pattern! I have luckily inherited a bag full of good quality stuffing from my brother that he had used as 'snow' for a Christmas work display a few years back, so I knew all I needed was some fabric and I was away. I found some really nice beige striped fabric from Spotlight and even found a free pattern to download from here. It only took about 1 hour to make and cost the grand total of $12.99!

The cool thing about this type of breastfeeding pillow is that you can use it as a nice support for baby when they're learning to sit a bit later on (as demonstrated by Ted in pic 2).

Pretty please with myself if I do say so!


  1. its also handy for lying them in on their tummies with their arms over, like propped up looking over the pillow... if that makes any sense! I hope you made two covers, cos you'll need one for when one is in the wash (something i needed... doh!)

  2. True, good idea. Yes, I actually do need to make another cover still... just need to muster up a bit more energy:)