The sun is shining bright, I have the Black Seeds cranking, the french doors are opened wide and I'm munching fresh juicy strawberries… ahhhh, summer is here!

It is my favourite season of the year and there is absolutely nothing I do not like about it. To me summer encompasses everything I love - surfing, denim cut-offs, sandy messy hair, warm skin, vino in the early evening sun, lots of laughter and good times with family and friends.

This year summer will be different with a new addition to the family, but it's a new summertime I'm excited to explore.

Last year Matt and I were able to spend countless weekends tripping about the country chasing the surf. A typical Saturday last summer started with the buzzing of our alarm clock at 5am beckoning the start of yet another surf adventure. We would bound out of bed, whip on some boardies, chuck our boards on the car and begin our journey with excitement building of what might lie ahead. Nothing beats an awesome day surfing and I think that will be the most challenging aspect of this years 'new' summer season. We wont have the same amount of flexibility to spend countless hours surfing and following the waves around the country, and I must say, I will miss that. But in it's place is something of so much more value than I can even describe. I am excited about our new little bundle - she is such a blessing! I can not wait to meet her, cuddle her and love her. I look forward to getting to know her, watching her grow and showing her the world for the first time - what an incredible job we have!

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