Our gorgeous wee bubba was born with red/ginger hair. I must say it was rather a surprise, as Matt and I are both blonde and aren't aware of any redheads in the family… but it must be in there somewhere. We have put it down to our Scottish heritage, and just recently my Nana told me there was Irish in the mix as well… that'll do it! However, since Sum Sum's birth her hair is slowly falling out (from the front to the back, and now the sides!) and the new little sprouts look a lot lighter and more blonde, or maybe strawberry blonde. Anyhow, her eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde, so we are now wondering if it's going to grow back blonde or red?  I have heard that either can happen, but I'm so impatient to see what her real hair colour will be! It's fun watching her grow, but why must it take so long? Patience is a virtue and I must work on achieving it!

See Summer's hair progress below:

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