Tomorrow, Summer is 6 weeks old, and boy has she changed in that short amount of time! Once a very sleepy baby, she has now decided she does not like to nap during the day and instead insists on getting herself overtired and grumpy. When we first brought her home she would fall asleep easily without any coercing. Now she is exercising her free will and does not want to nap when she could be playing with Mummy, Daddy or hanging out with guests! Matt and I have come to the conclusion she is a social little girl, as she doesn't have any problem sleeping at night. In that respect we can count our blessings and hope that it continues that way. We put her down at 8pm (after her feed, bath and cuddles), she then sleeps through till 3am for a feed and after that doesn't wake again until 6.30am. What an angel!!! Please, please let this continue.

Summer is also a lot bigger now too. At her last Plunket visit  at 5 weeks she weighed 4.9kg... 1.1kg larger than her birth weight. She is now sporting a cute, little double chin and scrumptious, chubby little legs.

Her hair is also changing... or should I say, falling out! Her current hairdo now resembles that of a balding old man, but she rocks it all the same. We are interested to see what colour her new hair will be. She was born with a very coppery tone, but I think the small new sprouts are looking a bit more blonde. We will have to wait and see.

Smiles. These are more and more frequent now with Summer averaging about 8 big smiles a day. She has the most adorable smiles and expressions and she makes my heart melt with each and every one of them.

These past 6 weeks have been a wonderful and precious time for Matt and I, and we continue to enjoy watching our little pumpkin grow before our very eyes. Roll on the next 6 weeks, can't wait to see what's in store!

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