I came across these gorgeous photos of three very beautiful little girls from a blog that I wish I could read! It's in another language, but you can view all the photos here. It makes me so excited for the day my little Summer has long hair... I wonder if she'll keep her red hair and look like these cuties? Absolutely stunning!


  1. hello! i came across your blog not long ago! wow, what beautiful little girls! i love the style of photos too...the dresses, the backdrop, the cookies...even the language looks beautiful :) our little girls have red-blond hair too and we're also curious to know if it will stay like that. i like the sound of strawberry blonde :)

    1. Hi Remaliah! Thanks for your comment:) Yes, the photos are SO gorgeous. I'd love to do a shoot for Summer like that one day:) Isn't it an amazing journey to see our kids blossom every day in front of our eyes? So precious:) Strawberry blonde is a gorgeous colour... my bub could go either way at the moment!