You only have to walk down the fashion strip at Sylvia Park to be bombarded with a rainbow of psychedelic colours beaming from their shop front windows… and I'm loving it! I love this new seasons fashion colour palette! It's so pretty and bright and I can not wait to be able to buy some of these new styles once baby is born.

I've been tempted on several occasions to buy maternity sized clothes in these hues, but with a little under 3 weeks till EDD, I figure it a waste of time and money. I'm well aware I will not be my pre-pregnancy weight immediately, but I do know I wont be exactly 40 weeks preggo either! I figure I'll need a few additions to my wardrobe for the 'interim' phase - and what better time to splash out on a few new bits and pieces (that is if baby gives me any time to shop!)

I particularly love these pieces (above) from Cotton On, Glassons and Factorie.

Roll on summer!

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