Well, I've finally finished work and with 3 weeks to go before my estimated due date (EDD), nesting is in full swing!

I've got this sudden urge to clean and organise. For goodness sake, I even cleaned and vacuumed the car the other day… I hate cleaning cars!

Amongst the rapid frenzy of housework, I've also been enjoying making and crafting things. It's something I've always loved to do, but never had the time, and now it's rearing it's creative head. I'm fully embracing this rare (and somewhat limited) opportunity to get crafty with this years christmas wrapping and create cute little toys for bubba.

My latest creation is a little deer softie in the shades of bubs room. I call her Daisy Doe. It was so much fun creating this little creature and I'm really happy to add her to our wee girls ever growing collection of soft and furry friends.

I'm also stoked to say I have purchased all the family's christmas presents… 4 weeks early! This has given me time to creatively wrap each gift with handmade personalised tags, christmas silhouette cutouts and finished off with 'so-hot-right-now' bakers twine. I'm going for the 'crafty' theme this year and I'm quiet happy with the result.

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