Oh dear. I really haven't posted for a while. Life has been super busy, but busyness mostly brought upon ourselves!

A few weeks back we were invited to a friends 30th cartoon-themed dress up party. Already coping with a teething 4.5 month old, you'd think hiring a costume would be the way to go… but alas, we decided it would be fun to start from scratch and create our own. So over the past few weeks Matt and I have spent our evenings manipulating fabric, cardboard and various other materials into the shape of Optimus Prime and Tinkerbell. Optimus took a total of 30 hours to complete (split up of course!). Although it was a lot of work, it was totally worth it. I loved working with Matt, being creative, figuring things out and laughing so hard when the clock struck 11pm and we were overtired (yes, 11 is late for us now!). It was also really rewarding getting compliments on the night and even better when Matt won best dressed… Prize? A bottle of Champagne, yum!

The other big (on-going) event of the last few weeks has been Summer's teething. Poor wee thing hasn't been 100% herself lately. Gnawing at everything in sight with a terrible look of frustration. Drooling like there's no tomorrow. And looking at me with her big blue eyes as if to say, "Mummy, make it stop.' It completely breaks my heart to know there's not a lot I can do. I can see the little white culprit sitting smugly just below the surface of her gum. Come on tooth! Make your appearance and give me back my chilled out baby girl! It's not all bad though. Some days are better than others, when the pain must subside. Those are the days I get to play with Summer, hear her giggles and watch her cute wee smile. And those are the days I hope for every day!

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