Well, my little girl is changing so much. At 5.5 months old, she now weighs 8kg and is classed as tall and slender on the Plunket percentile graphs… however, she's definitely still a chub, chub! She is getting closer to sitting unsupported, loves to grab everything insight, laughs regularly, is eating two servings of solids a day and developing an array of funny, quirky and adorable expressions every week.

Another thing I've noticed changing over the past couple of weeks is her hair. At 6 weeks I posted a pic of Summer and her striking reddish hair. She was born a redhead, and over the weeks following her birth, her red hair only became more pronounced. You can read that post here. Over the months I have been certain she is going to be a beautiful redhead. I imagine her with long, flowing, red locks and, in my mind I plan the pretty outfits I'm going to dress her in to compliment her hair as a grown up little girl… yes, I get a wee bit carried away! But gosh, isn't that what mother's do when they have little girls? It's fun! Anyway, over the last couple of weeks I thought I noticed her hair getting lighter. Maybe it's changing, or maybe it's just the light. Sometimes it's so hard to tell. Usually Summer's hair looks it's reddest when the sun shine on it, especially in photos. So, I was quite surprised to see it looking a lot lighter in these pics that I took today. I'm not saying there's no red in there, there definitely is, it just seems to be getting quite a bit lighter as the days go by. I'd say it's probably more a strawberry blonde at the moment, with a bit of dark red baby hair at the back. It will be interesting to see what's actually going to happen… I love watching, it's so interesting.

She's also still teething, and has recently developed bronchilitis. Ah, so hard to take care of a teething and sick child. Poor thing has been so miserable over the past week, and we've become rather accustomed to the sleepless nights. However, she seems to be on the up after being prescribed some antibiotics. Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

It's hard to believe 5 and a half months ago I hadn't met Summer. I just can't imagine ever not knowing her. So much has changed in our lives since she arrived and we wouldn't change a thing! She is nearly 6 months now and the time has flown. Before I know it, she'll be 1. Roll on the next 6 months… I can only imagine they'll be even better than the first 6.

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