It's 2 months away, but I seriously can't wait! I absolutely love planning parties. Everything from the food, to the decorations, to the invitations, to the music... I love it all. Needless to say, I haven't been able to hold back on my own 30th birthday preparations. With a baby now in tow, I decided if I want to do a good job with my party planning, I need to start early. So I started researching for invitation ideas... and before you know it I'd actually made, printed and complied over 40 invites! Now I'm going to have them sitting around for another month before I can actually send them out. However, I couldn't wait to share them with you. Made from printed textured card, then wrapped around with paper doily (cut and glued to fit), then finished off with cotton twine and cute doily personalised name tag. Keep an eye out, you may receive one in your post (or in person) soon!

As well as the invitations, I've also been on the lookout for various 'Garden Party' items. So far I've collected various doilies, both paper and cloth, from dollar stores and opshops. I've also various fabrics to complete my strings of bunting flags (I need to make 12 metres!), tissue paper for paper pom-poms, rice paper balls, old suitcases... the list goes on! I've been fortunate that a few members of the family have unearthed nice old treasures that I can borrow for the day. However, I was really excited to come across this little birdcage candle holder (below) in a dollar store and just had to buy it! I'm going to paint it white/cream to match my theme.

Well, that's it for now – just a few little things that I just couldn't wait to share.


  1. wow! the invites are awesome! I just wish we could come! :-(

    you are so good with your typography :-) I'm rusty at all that stuff now.

    I was looking forward to planning my own party and then mum said i wasn't allowed and that she will do it! haha I'm kind of glad cos I don't have any time to do it, but i did say I had to at least do the invite! hehe

    can't wait to see what you do for summer's 1st birthday party invites!

    1. aww, thanks sarah! i'm sending you and your cool fam an invite anyway - i know you can't come, but i want to send one to you anyway! hehe

      that's cool your mum is planning your party. there is definitely something nice about having someone else plan it for you! the invite will be fun to do though:)

  2. I love these Renee! Let me know if I can feature your invite design on my blog sometime :)