About a year ago we completed an office, dug out from under our house. I had big plans for this space - a nice creative place where my husband and I could do work, as well as a cool hang-out spot with a comfy couch and possibly a big screen TV one day. We bought the couch and the furnishing and decorating process started, however, after a few months my husbands car parts and workshop tools began to take over.

You see, this room is under our house and directly off his garage. It didn't take long for his race car parts, wheels and other random bits and pieces to infiltrate this nice, new (supposedly inspiring) space... and I have been somewhat disappointed that I couldn't make this room what it was intended to be. It started being referred to as "The Man Cave" by many a visitor, much to my dismay... "Since when is OUR lovely office/living space completely his?" I sighed inwardly. Since then I have moved my computer upstairs, as I was tired of Summer and I sitting amongst 18" mags, bumpers and boxes of new car parts awaiting their placement.

However, this problem is about to end. HALLELUJAH! Matt has extended his garage under the other part of the house, allowing him a heap more storage space, in turn, clearing out our office! Hooray! I'm so excited to see all the 'junk' moving out, revealing lovely clear space that I can make into the place it was always meant to be. I've been researching office ideas and been collecting lots of cool items. The room isn't completely ready to get started, but I thought I'd show you a sneak peak 'before' photo to see what I'm working with and hopefully an 'after' shot will follow very shortly! I'm so excited.

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  1. lol for a split second i thought that window/shade was the big screen tv you mentioned! i was like Whaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha but no. can't wait to see the after, love the couch too!