Since December 1st I've been on a Christmas decorating frenzy. I decided this year I wanted a Red+White theme. Red is such a warm, friendly and inviting colour - embodying all that is Christmas - and I love it in contrast with crisp white. Here's a few Christmas pieces I either made or purchased  for a pretty wicked bargain.

a. Rather plain white santa stockings purchased from The Warehouse for $5ea. I decorated each with ribbon and wooden letter initials that I bought from an emporium for a few extra dollars. b. Christmas wrapping was a combination of ribbon purchased from The Warehouse, left over paper doilies from my 30th, then topped off with a hand drawn 'doodle' style gift tag. c. Using frames I had from my 30th, I designed up some simple Christmasy art, pushed print and framed... tada. d. My favourite of all, some christmas crackers I made using left-over red card and this template. Each cracker is personalised with a name tag and special gift inside. e. I love this wooden Peace decoration that I purchased for only $6 at Kmart.

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