Finally! I'm back to the blog. I really don't plan to leave it this long between posts, however, I'm here now and introducing my latest finished project... Summer's 1st birthday invitation. Can you believe she's nearly 1 already? Technically she's 1 in late December - but we've decided to celebrate this special occasion in January when there's a bit more 'space', so-to-speak.

Naturally, we're throwing Summer a 'Summer' party, encompassing all things summery. So a cute, little popsicle invitation fit the bill perfectly.

Complete with handmade, scalloped edge, outer wrapper (machined sewed at one end) and double-sided popsicle - I admit that making these little suckers was no easy task. Halfway through  the 30 odd amount I needed, those dollar store party invites didn't seem like such a bad idea... Needless to say, I soldiered on and I'm really happy with the finished product.

Somehow, I don't think I'll put in quite as much effort for birthday number two. However, I just HAD to for the first one! Now, to distribute them...


  1. oh yay! love love love the scalloped edge and sewing. you are so cool. haha

    1. Hehe, thanks Sarah! You'll get one in the post soon:)