No, no and NO... if you thought I was about to announce I'm expecting and it's a boy. Sorry about the false alarm. Although I hope to announce one day soon that we're expecting, today is not the day! I'm so incredibly proud that my sister is expecting a little dude late August/Early September. She has enlisted me to design her baby shower/party invitation and help out with decorations and setup. She has decided she want's a 'ducky' theme and because my sister is so extremely creative herself... this time around I'm taking a back seat and she is taking the lead. Here's a little inspiration that is getting our creative juices fizzing!

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  1. Can't wait to have this baby party!! Its getting exciting!! :)
    i have the lollie jars now & just have a few tid bits here & there to get :)
    Everyone loves the invites!! Thanks sis!! We really do appreciate all the work u put into them! :)