I've decided what my next project will be... a mini-renovation of our kitchen and I wanted to share my thoughts and moodboard! I'm really excited about doing something with our somewhat bland 90's decor, and although I would absolutely love to start from scratch with a brand new kitchen - it really isn't something we can afford right now. Besides, I think over the past 5 years I've developed a wee fondness for this trusty, sand-coloured space.

My mini-reno will consist of a re-hung and newly painted sliding door that seals off the kitchen from the hallway. However, this paint job will be done with chalkboard paint and essentially creating a giant chalkboard to adorn with ever-changing art (see image above). I will also hunt down, create and purchase various items to decorate the kitchen. I love the juxtapose of old/traditional with new, which I will endeavor to apply to my 'in-between' kitchen!  I even have a little idea to spruce up our old fridge - but I'll just see if it works first! I'm really in love with the colour mint at the moment, so luckily for me it ties in with the existing sand coloured kitchen and walls. I will also maintain some elements of black and white which will give cohesion with the rest of our (already refurbished) home. Here are some 'before' pictures... I didn't quite manage to get one before the sliding door came off, oh yeah, and excuse the mess, I'm sure you can understand with a 15 month old running around!

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