Thought it was about time for a wee update on our little toddler - can you believe she's less than a week shy of 16 months?! Time really does fly! Here's a 'Top-10' snapshot of Summer today:

1. She walks now! Thank goodness. I can't remember if I ever posted the fact that Summer was a bum shuffler? Well, I'm telling you now. At around 11 months old our dear Summer chose shuffling as her mode of transport and, quite frankly, it was often a royal pain in the a**. Not only did it make it harder for her to get around (you try shuffling uphill!), I was constantly repairing or replacing her holey bottomed shorts and longs. Actually, the only items of clothing I found to be bum shuffler friendly were dresses and skirts - as at the end of the day it was only her disposable nappies to ditch. I guess I could count that as a positive, as most mothers do love to dress their little girls in pretty and feminine things and sometimes crawling can get in the way of that. Shuffling also made Summer memorable, and countless people I'd briefly meet would always remember Summer weeks or months on from the first encounter, saying, "Oh, how could I forget a little redheaded bum shuffler!" Others would stare in utter fascination, "I've heard about these bum shufflers - but I've never seen one in real life!" said one fellow. Summer was somewhat of a showstopper. Cute? Yes! Very actually, but oh so much work for me! So when she upped and walked one Sunday morning at around 14 months, I was beyond excited - screaming at Matt to get here quick to witness this glorious sight! She moved forth in leaps in bounds from that day and is now practically running. Goodbye and good ridden's holey pants!

2. She says around 12 words now. They are Mama, Dada, ball, car, nana (banana), baby, clock, bubble, Nana, dog, up and flower. Although, right now she's calling everything a 'car' - I blame Daddy!

3. She is obsessed with organising and matching things up - and you do not dare mess with her pile of neatly place items, categorised by type or shape!

4. Books, books and more books. This one has never really changed - she's always loved books and has been turning pages since 10 months old. Most days she will toddle off to here room where I find her with an array of books surrounding as she sits quietly 'reading'.

5. Blankie. Oh how she loves her blankie, a soft Peter Rabbit muslin cloth that she calls 'Bee'. Every sleepy time 'Bee' must be there and she snuggles into it like nothing else.

6. Balls and Bananas. Must be something with these 'B' words - because these are two more loves of hers.

7. Family. Summer loves her Nana's, Poppa, Uncles and Aunty's, her Daddy and her Mummy (Me, yay! I must be doing something right!). Nothing beats a snuggly cuddle with our little one. Mmm, she's so scrumptious.

8. She loves music and dance. She is even trying to sing! Whether listening intently to the singers of Hi5, the Barbie Musical or Strawberry Shortcake, I hear this quiet lilting coming from Summer as she sings along - it's actually so sweet. She's been dancing before she could walk - grooving on the spot and clinging the side of chairs to get her toes tapping whenever she heard a song she liked. She's fussy though, and wont take any-ol' artist - Rhianna will not be on her playlist, so I discovered! However, she'll go for a bit of Blur or The Black Keys - go figure.

9. Beach. Loves the sand and loves the surf. Guess she's living up to her name:)

10. Dogs/animals. Put a baby doll in front of her and she swats it away. Put anything that resembles an animal whatsoever and she hugs, nurtures and says 'ooof, ooof (woof, woof)' - at this stage of life every animal barks in her mind.

There are HEAPS more things I could share about Summer - but then, I'm not sure anyone would want to read a 10,000 word post! I love this little girl and everyday she surprises me with new skills and every morning I swear she looks more grown up. But right now, this is quite enough to give a snapshot into the life of Summer.

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