Yesterday was Sunday, and a rather fun day actually. After having had Matt sick most of the week and then myself landing an extra design job that had me working all day Saturday, I really was in desperate need of a break. So come Sunday morning, I whipped out the beater and started making a fresh batch of pancakes for brekkie. I mean, really, there aren't many better ways to start a day than with pancakes! We sat down and demolished the whole lot before toting off for a wander down our local shopping strip. After exhausting the shops (not to mention Matt and Summer!) we headed off for a spot of fun, chasing each other amongst the autumn leaves of the Kauri Grove in Cornwall Park.

It was an awesome family day, and I'm rather keen to make this 'Sunday Funday' a tradition. It's so easy to let family time slip by in these busy lives of ours, but it's really one of the most important parts OF our lives. Summer adored throwing the leaves around, 'baaaing' at the sheep and giggling as we chased her through the park. It really was a special time for all three of us and Matt and I had a lot of fun trying to capture the moment. For those of you with children, you'll know how hard it is to get a good, non-blurry photograph of a toddler, but we did our best! Here's a few shots from the day:


  1. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - of course I remember you! Congratulations on your sweet girl - she looks so lovely! Your blog is super gorgeous - I love its sweet simplicity. I'll be following you!

    xx Stacey.

    PS How funny that you are friends with faerysarah?!

    1. Thanks Stacey! I've got you on my blog list too :) Yup, small world hey!